Thursday, November 10, 2011

Open Doors Trolley Night

Last Thursday Kim & I took the trolley around town for Open Doors Night. We started briefly at Sage Gallery, then hopped on the trolley over to the Art Institute. We could have walked that stretch but we had not really come up with a plan at that point. The Institute was having it's Biennial Show, and it was quite good. I enjoyed some of the digital art and Kim was admiring several acrylic paintings.

Hoping back on the trolley we joined Linda Feinberg and many other folks who were on their way to the mill area.
Some got off at City Hall while others got on there. I was surprised to see how many people and families with young children were enjoying the night's festivities.

East Colony had a full house and we could barely find time to speak to everyone as well as look at all the artwork. We did enjoy a few goodies from the "treats" table, but it looked like quite a crowd had been there before us. A quick trip through Hatfield and we were back on the trolley headed toward our final destinations.

The MAA Gallery was our next stop and a rather bittersweet one. I think we missed the crowd and most of the entertainment here, but fortunately there was a group of fine young musicians still willing to perform a few last pieces. We enjoyed the music as we wished this gallery farewell and hoped that perhaps it could find a new location in the future.

 We had just a few minutes to visit Art 3 before the next trolley. I decided to leave Kim there and head back to Sage Gallery on my own as he was still browsing and I didn't want to take a chance on missing the last trolley. Actually he missed the last trolley of the night and walked back to Sage Gallery. Although the rest of the events seemed to be winding down when we arrived, Sage Gallery was going strong and more people were just arriving.

It was truly an enjoyable evening being out on the town, seeing such beautiful artwork and meeting so many friends. I hope the city and residents continue to support this event and it can get better each year. There are several places we missed this time and hope to visit next time around.

What were your impressions of Open Doors Manchester, did you enjoy it? Will you go next year?

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Linda H. Feinberg said...

That was a very enjoyable evening. Good to see both of you too. My blog is also about art (and poetry too).